Monday, January 31, 2005


Even though I forget everything else, I still remember when I started losing things. I had just gotten in the Focus to head to Colorado and I couldn't find my phone. It was just in my coat pocket, but it took a good ten minutes to find it. And then I lost my Livestrong bracelet, my wallet, and my phone about three more times. Luckily, Joe was around to find everything for me.

However, now that I am back at school, there are two problems. First, Joe is not around and second, all of my stuff is not packed into one little suitcase in one little car. There is a big campus for me to lose things on and trust me, I just love to use all the space you give me.

For example, I have lost my wallet three times in the past two weeks. I left my phone at Shriver the other day but luckily my friends who are a lot more aware than I am were paying attention and picked it up for me. I lost my wallet somewhere between Shriver and Christina's house last night. Well, I am pretty sure it is at her house somewhere but I couldn't find it.

What's going on? How am I going to fix this? I am not going to survive this semester if I can't keep track of myself.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

If you love me... will send me garbage bags full of pop tabs.
(or at least a handful.)


The other day in Geography, we learned that Kansas is flatter than a pancake. I kinda wish we had known that before we drove through it.

In all of my Miami plan classes, we have discussed Global Warming, Overpopulation, and Species Extinction. Am I picking the wrong classes, or are these the lessons I'm supposed to go into the world with?

Sorry about the lack of updates, both here and with the pictures...this semester has just started to get a little crazy and I haven't adjusted yet. I liked going to bed at 11:30 and this whole "start your homework at 12" thing is just not doing it for me. More later. I promise.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Sin Above All Sins

Today I was waiting for someone by the Miami Seal in Academic Quad today and I saw something I never thought I would see. I saw someone blatantly ride his bike right over the seal. He didn't even look back. He must feel pretty good about his grades.

Now I understand that if you're drunk you don't really care about that little superstition, but honestly at 4 o'clock in the afternoon I think you can just go along with it. Geeze. Well maybe he is just a Miami straight-A's genius, in which case he doesn't need to worry about the seal. And I get to remain disgusted.

Monday, January 17, 2005


How do they keep all the raisins from settling to the bottom of a box of Raisin Bran?

Friday, January 14, 2005


I keep forgetting. I have one more person to thank from Colorado:

Joe, who shares my love of peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches. I owe him this thanks because even though he doesn't add the lettuce (you HAVE to or you don't get the crunch, I'm telling you!), he is the only person who doesn't gag at the mention of the combination.

I get my fix from C-Money, she's got good stuff

When things start to get stressful for me I can't sleep. I couldn't sleep last year when it was time to go home for summer break, I couldn't sleep during the terrible summer I had after I graduated, and I couldn't sleep the last few nights before this semester started. This was probably not so much because of the stress, but because I chose to stay up late socializing in Colorado, at home, and the first few nights I was back in Oxford.

I guess you can live by the "Sleep When You're Dead" Motto, but I have a lot on my plate in the next four months and I was not doing so well. I was falling asleep in the middle of the day but when it was time to go to bed I was willing to do anything but sleep. So when I was helping Christina unpack at her new house, and she pulled out something like 15 bottles of Tylenol PM ("They were giving them away for free"). I decided that I should have one of them.

So for the past four nights I have drug-induced my night of sleep. And it has been amazing. And I feel so much better during the day that it even puts me in a better mood. But don't worry. It's just tylenol.

"I'm not an addict."
"Sure you're not."
"But I'm not going to share with you."

Monday, January 10, 2005

Tips for not screwing up the first day of the semester

First, be sure not to get there too early. Chances are, you will walk in on the class that has not finished from the hour before yours, and then you'll feel stupid for the rest of the semester.

But don't be too late, because you don't want to walk in and flounder as you realize that the only two seats left are quite possibly the most awkward to get to. And yes, everyone does watch as you flounder.

As soon as you sit down, find the clock. If you can't see it, move. You might not thank me now, but you will thank me at 11:46 when you realize that you are actually going to make it through the last four minutes, because you know there are only four left.

Chances are, last names are an excellent indication of a professor's ethnic background and therefore his or her accent. Plan accordingly. (No offense.)

Show up. There is no point in using an absence on what is very likely to be the easiest day of the semester. Plus, then you get a syllabus that can be used to determine the ideal skipping days. For example, every day without EXAM written next to it.

Geography 101

My Geography professor is British: "We're cousins, you know, Americans and Brits. Thankfully we're not brothers and sisters...That'd be incest or something, wouldn't it."

We're off to an interesting start...

Saturday, January 08, 2005

I'm Sorry.

I posted on a whim, when I didn't know how else to sort things out in my head. I'm sorry if I hurt you.


I don't want to complain about my break. It was so much fun--can you beat 11 states in 10 days? Can you beat a nice Christmas, a Miami bowl game, and an unforgettable Colorado New Year's? No. You can't. But despite all that fun and all those good memories that were made, there were some pretty distressing ones.

There were memories that were dredged up. And I thought it would be okay, I thought I could handle it. I thought I was a big girl, a grown up who knows what she wants and how to protect herself. I thought I had finally heard the things I wanted (and thought I deserved) to hear. In fact, I thought I was getting what I needed: the knowledge that I wasn't in the wrong for the past year and a half. But that knowledge turned into something of a mistake. Not a regrettable mistake, but a mistake that I'm not sure how to fix.

It's an issue of definitions and interpretations: What is "casual" and what are "benefits" and where does respect come in and blur those lines? In the relationships we choose to make, how do we know which ones are beneficial and which are harmful? How do we choose which bridges to burn? How much hurt are we willing to suffer through to keep a relationship and how, when you turn around 48 hours later and survey the situation, do you know that your relationship is genuine? Or at least, more genuine than others? How do you separate fact from fiction, and logic from emotion? How do you make good choices?

I thought I could handle what was given to me, but it appears as though I can't. When too many people are rooting against you, when there are too many unknowns and too much deceit (regardless of its intent)...well, sometimes it's time to just step back and let other people do the worrying. You'd think I would have known better, I tell myself all time. “[She was] still stupid—after all these years—to aim [her]self at inevitable hurt.”—Claire Davis

I'm finished. You can have it your way. That's what hurts the least.

Quote of the Day

Erin: "You know, the discount dvd bin at Wal-Mart. That's where grandma always used to get those movies about bugs...and...Jesus..."

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

C05: A Successful Roadtrip

Thanks to:
  • the McGraths, for letting us "trash your house, empty your refridgerator" and basically just putting up with us.
  • Christina's Uncle Bob for letting us stay at his cabin in Estes Park.
  • Tom, Joe, and Adam for an interesting car ride.
  • Tom for the excellent video documentation of the trip...
  • Christina, for spending too much time playing N64 with me.
  • Tom, for having a really good southern accent.
  • Adam, for the ice pack when the iron fire poker fell on my face.
  • Tom and Adam, for letting Joe and I win the argument about whether or not to drive through Wyoming.
  • Joe, for doing a great job of driving through icy Iowa.
  • All the boys for not making me drive very much.
  • Joe & Tom for putting air in my tires when we got back to Oxford.

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I had a blast in Colorado. It was the best roadtrip ever!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

2004 in Review

Can I even remember back to a year ago?
Switching majors and dropping Chemistry. Valentine's Day at Shawnee State. The boys' visit to Miami. The last perfect night of the trio, spent down at the McMullen School playground. My first game of cornhole. Lifeguarding recertification classes at the rec. The worst bout of Insomnia EVER. Colorado trip, complete with its own set of great memories. Working at the state park and the public pool. Florida family vacation. Chicago trip (Hammie's, "Miami Style" Ramen, and the beach of Lake Michigan). Marching band: Cincy game, rushing, formal, the Independence Bowl and of course partying. Crab Rangoon. Learning Italian. Remembering Grandmas. Closure, vindication, and an interesting situation with a certain someone. And to end it perfectly, a trip to Colorado and covering more than 20% of the US in 10 days.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Independence Bowl 2004

I didn't think any bowl game trip could out-do the Mobile, Alabama trip last year, so I wasn't completely looking forward to heading down to Shreveport, Louisiana. But, the day after Christmas I packed up my car and drove down to Oxford. We hung out that night and EARLY Monday morning we went to the Cincinnati Airport to board our Hooters Air flight. Yes. Hooters. Like the restaurant. It was a little weird.

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Shreveport was alright, but we weren't there for very long. We lost the game on Tuesday night. It was a fun game, but the other band sat right next to us and we weren't exactly receptive to them. They did a cheer where they said they hated Miami. We weren't even allowed to say "You suck" so needless to say everyone was a little mad. Unlike Mobile, after the game we didn't all get to go out on the town. Instead, we stayed at the hotel and just hung out.

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Wednesday morning we headed back to Ohio (again on Hooters Air). After a quick stop in Oxford to grab some stuff from my car and turn in my uniform, I met Tom, Joe, and Adam at the I-70 exit near Eaton and we started driving west. We're in the Springs now, and that should be an interesting post...we're having a blast.