Sunday, January 02, 2005

2004 in Review

Can I even remember back to a year ago?
Switching majors and dropping Chemistry. Valentine's Day at Shawnee State. The boys' visit to Miami. The last perfect night of the trio, spent down at the McMullen School playground. My first game of cornhole. Lifeguarding recertification classes at the rec. The worst bout of Insomnia EVER. Colorado trip, complete with its own set of great memories. Working at the state park and the public pool. Florida family vacation. Chicago trip (Hammie's, "Miami Style" Ramen, and the beach of Lake Michigan). Marching band: Cincy game, rushing, formal, the Independence Bowl and of course partying. Crab Rangoon. Learning Italian. Remembering Grandmas. Closure, vindication, and an interesting situation with a certain someone. And to end it perfectly, a trip to Colorado and covering more than 20% of the US in 10 days.

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