Saturday, January 01, 2005

Independence Bowl 2004

I didn't think any bowl game trip could out-do the Mobile, Alabama trip last year, so I wasn't completely looking forward to heading down to Shreveport, Louisiana. But, the day after Christmas I packed up my car and drove down to Oxford. We hung out that night and EARLY Monday morning we went to the Cincinnati Airport to board our Hooters Air flight. Yes. Hooters. Like the restaurant. It was a little weird.

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Shreveport was alright, but we weren't there for very long. We lost the game on Tuesday night. It was a fun game, but the other band sat right next to us and we weren't exactly receptive to them. They did a cheer where they said they hated Miami. We weren't even allowed to say "You suck" so needless to say everyone was a little mad. Unlike Mobile, after the game we didn't all get to go out on the town. Instead, we stayed at the hotel and just hung out.

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Wednesday morning we headed back to Ohio (again on Hooters Air). After a quick stop in Oxford to grab some stuff from my car and turn in my uniform, I met Tom, Joe, and Adam at the I-70 exit near Eaton and we started driving west. We're in the Springs now, and that should be an interesting post...we're having a blast.

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