Wednesday, January 05, 2005

C05: A Successful Roadtrip

Thanks to:
  • the McGraths, for letting us "trash your house, empty your refridgerator" and basically just putting up with us.
  • Christina's Uncle Bob for letting us stay at his cabin in Estes Park.
  • Tom, Joe, and Adam for an interesting car ride.
  • Tom for the excellent video documentation of the trip...
  • Christina, for spending too much time playing N64 with me.
  • Tom, for having a really good southern accent.
  • Adam, for the ice pack when the iron fire poker fell on my face.
  • Tom and Adam, for letting Joe and I win the argument about whether or not to drive through Wyoming.
  • Joe, for doing a great job of driving through icy Iowa.
  • All the boys for not making me drive very much.
  • Joe & Tom for putting air in my tires when we got back to Oxford.

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I had a blast in Colorado. It was the best roadtrip ever!

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