Monday, January 31, 2005


Even though I forget everything else, I still remember when I started losing things. I had just gotten in the Focus to head to Colorado and I couldn't find my phone. It was just in my coat pocket, but it took a good ten minutes to find it. And then I lost my Livestrong bracelet, my wallet, and my phone about three more times. Luckily, Joe was around to find everything for me.

However, now that I am back at school, there are two problems. First, Joe is not around and second, all of my stuff is not packed into one little suitcase in one little car. There is a big campus for me to lose things on and trust me, I just love to use all the space you give me.

For example, I have lost my wallet three times in the past two weeks. I left my phone at Shriver the other day but luckily my friends who are a lot more aware than I am were paying attention and picked it up for me. I lost my wallet somewhere between Shriver and Christina's house last night. Well, I am pretty sure it is at her house somewhere but I couldn't find it.

What's going on? How am I going to fix this? I am not going to survive this semester if I can't keep track of myself.

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