Friday, January 14, 2005

I get my fix from C-Money, she's got good stuff

When things start to get stressful for me I can't sleep. I couldn't sleep last year when it was time to go home for summer break, I couldn't sleep during the terrible summer I had after I graduated, and I couldn't sleep the last few nights before this semester started. This was probably not so much because of the stress, but because I chose to stay up late socializing in Colorado, at home, and the first few nights I was back in Oxford.

I guess you can live by the "Sleep When You're Dead" Motto, but I have a lot on my plate in the next four months and I was not doing so well. I was falling asleep in the middle of the day but when it was time to go to bed I was willing to do anything but sleep. So when I was helping Christina unpack at her new house, and she pulled out something like 15 bottles of Tylenol PM ("They were giving them away for free"). I decided that I should have one of them.

So for the past four nights I have drug-induced my night of sleep. And it has been amazing. And I feel so much better during the day that it even puts me in a better mood. But don't worry. It's just tylenol.

"I'm not an addict."
"Sure you're not."
"But I'm not going to share with you."

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