Sunday, November 02, 2008

Boys and Girls

It's National Blog Posting Month again, which means you are in for a daily dose of my questionable writing skills for the rest of the month. I'm sorry.

I am more than a little concerned that this is going to be a difficult month, mostly because everything I want to write about is sort of themed "Look at the difference between boys and girls!" as living with my roommate is a lot of fun, and whenever we have a clash of personalities it is relatively easy to chalk one up for gender differences. For example:
  • Last week he was cleaning his bathroom and carried his plunger out to the kitchen to get some paper towels. And then his plunger TOUCHED the paper towels. I was grossed out and told him we couldn't use those for anything in the kitchen anymore. He told me that was silly because he hadn't used the plunger in forever, couldn't even remember the last time, in fact, and that I was overreacting. GROSS. I didn't give in.
  • I made cookies last night and cut them out in autumn shapes (acorns, turkeys, pumpkins and maple leaves). I only had red and brown sprinkles to decorate them with and I was disappointed. He quickly pointed out that the pink and purple sprinkles in the cupboard, while not autumn-colored, would taste the same as the ones I had out. I think his exact words were, "I will eat a purple pumpkin, Loren." It just didn't seem right.
  • This, and this, and also this from the archives.

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