Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hey! That was scary.

My roommate and I were successful and made it through October with 31 scary movies under our belts. In the order we watched them, they are:

The Blair Witch Project
The Amityville Horror
Planet Terror
Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th Part 2
Friday the 13th Part 3
Friday the 13th Part 4
House on Haunted Hill
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Friday the 13th Part 5
Friday the 13th Part 6
Friday the 13th Part 7
Friday the 13th Part 8
Friday the 13th Part 9
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Jason X
Freddy vs. Jason
Night of the Living Dead
Dawn of the Dead
Prom Night (2008)
Poltergeist II
The Ring
Prom Night (original)
Pet Sematary
28 Days Later
The Exorcist

Some I liked, some not so much. For about three days after watching The Ring I had creepy dreams about the girl in the well (I know, cliche, SHUT UP), but Poltergeist is one of my new favorite scary movies and I am anxiously awaiting a free night when we can sit down and watch 28 Weeks Later. I am your stereotypical scary movie wimp, but this sort of worked out ingeniously because all those evil, creepy bad guys pooled together left me with so much to be frightened by that it was too much work, and I gave up. I specifically remember waking up at 3:15 a few weeks ago, rolling my eyes and thinking, I am way too tired to stay up and be scared right now. And then I went right back to sleep.

I do think all the horror movies primed me to be easy to scare. Yesterday I was driving home from work, and I think I'd forgotten it was Halloween. I was on the highway, and I happened to glance up into my rearview mirror and see the Joker following behind me. I jumped and then realized that he must simply be on his way to a party. I wish I could have told him how great his makeup was, and that he made me yell, out loud, in fear. I don't think anyone could ask for more from a Halloween costume.

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