Friday, October 24, 2008

Denver: Month Four: Autumn Overload

The last month has been full of Autumnal Goodness. I think I missed out on the Summer Goodness because 1. I was looking for a job, 2. It was more than 90 degrees everyday for most of the summer, 3. I had no idea how to get anywhere without getting lost, and 4. Did I mention that I was looking for a job? But now that I have settled into a nice routine I have found the time (and have the resources) to go do fun things.

Camping, like I said, was fun (albeit freezing cold). The Aspens up in the mountains turn bright yellow in the fall and we picked a really beautiful day to drive through Rocky Mountain National Park. The next weekend we went to Denver's Oktoberfest, and I have to say that the two Oktoberfests I've been to in Ohio were, well, WAY BETTER. My roommate agreed (he is a big fan of the one in Minster), and even though we are now the proud owners of two very awesome beer steins, I think we both sort of wish we could have gone back for a visit to Ohio.

Last weekend we carved pumpkins, and they turned out well. We also roasted the seeds and I made these cookies, which I am assuming were amazing, because my roommate's brother came to visit the next day and by the time he left they were all gone. It was a lot of pumpkin for one night (we also drank Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer to really top the night off), but you can't really have too much pumpkin so it was fun.

Autumn Overload

Sadly, my PC finally bit the dust a couple of weeks ago, which is why I haven't changed the look of this site lately. I have no software on my Mac, so until I get that straightened out, please suffer through this garish orange/yellow thing I have going on. It wasn't supposed to last this long, I swear!

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