Thursday, July 10, 2008

Maybe he's tricking me

Sometimes when I am feeling upset, it makes me feel better to bake something. I have a very specific memory from the summer before I went to college: I was upset (probably about leaving), and I was having a hard time falling asleep. By 4am, I had baked a cake, a pan of lemon bars, and a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

And I didn't eat any of it. That's another effect of my stress, when I'm anxious I don't eat. So my family really won out in that situation.

Trying to find a job has been pretty stressful, so during the last few weeks I have been baking a lot again. Unfortunately, the stress of job searching has been compounded by the stress of trying to figure out how to bake at a high altitude. Which hasn't been too bad: I've been pretty successful with everything I've attempted. But my trusty chocolate chip cookie recipe, it just won't turn out right, no matter what I try. (Did you realize that there are so many things to tweak up here?)

But you know who I think is really winning in this situation? My roommate. And I'm confused, because he eats everything I make, but then, the next day, he's got the last three cookies in his hand and he's all, "I think you need to try again. You need some more practice."

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