Monday, May 06, 2013

Back, finally.

I have started this post about a dozen times, starting back in March. I'm just not sure what to say! The end of 2012 was crazy busy for me, and the beginning of 2013 was weirdly calm. At first, that was a huge blessing, because I had a few weeks to recover and get into a normal routine. But by mid-February, having nothing to do felt a little disconcerting. It took me a while to realize that a big reason for my discomfort was that for really the first time in my life, I didn't have a big project to work toward. No move across the country to figure out; no grad school applications or homework to finish; no wedding to plan. My life felt boring, so I decided to fill it up with self-improvement projects. You should have seen my list of New Year's Resolutions!

By March I was sufficiently busy, and I finally felt like I had scratched the itch of staying occupied. I probably could have been better about sharing my adventures here, but as it turns out, there are not enough hours in the day to work, go to the gym, make dinner, read a book, and keep my house from reaching total chaos while also maintaining a blog. Oh, and watch my tv shows. (Priorities, people.)

In terms of self-improvement, I decided to deal with a few health issues I'd been ignoring. First and foremost, I  started getting allergy shots three times a week to combat living with a cat. Thankfully, I finally was able to move down to once a week last month. I'm also currently visiting the chiropractor every week because when I saw my wedding photos, I realized that maybe my left shoulder hurts constantly because this is what it looks like when I stand up straight. As in, both feet on the ground, hip not cocked to one side. Nope, just standing up normally (now that I've written all this, I am a little embarrassed to even share this photo, because I was totally crooked!):
0155_20121006 Loren and Adam Wedding (ZF-2434-76476-1-155)

 Anyway, I think I've found a nice balance of work and play now, so hopefully I won't be such a stranger from here on out. Plus, we're heading to Alaska for our belated honeymoon on Friday, so at the very least I'll have some photos to share by the end of the month. In the meantime - by which I mean, before I get on that ship and have to live without internet for a week (!!!) - you can probably find me on Twitter and/or Instagram.

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BethAnn said...

Does it soften the owie shoulder blow at all if I tell you that I was so taken by how beautiful you look in your wedding dress/photo that I didn't even notice your shoulders? Welcome back!!! I've taken some unintentional breaks from blogging and as good as it feels to be gone, it feels even better to be welcome!!!