Sunday, August 05, 2012

What's making me happy this week, XXXI

Well, at first I was thinking that a really great thing about this week was being back in my home, in my own bed with my cuddly pets. BUT THEN! You guys, a miracle occurred this week. After two and a half years, Adam finally sold that awful Jeep Wrangler.

Now, I realize that often, my complaints about the Jeep made me look like a naggy wife in training. But I always followed any complaint session with something along the lines of, "but you're the one who has to drive it, so if you really love it, then by all means ignore me." But finally last week, Adam said to me that it was time to look for something more practical.  We did our homework (actually, Adam did his homework) and on Thursday night we said GOODBYE FOREVER YOU AWFUL VEHICLE traded in the Wrangler for a Jeep Patriot, and I am so, so excited. And look at all this space! I'm in heaven.


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