Sunday, March 25, 2012

What's making me happy this week XII

A few quick notes, because it's late and I'm tired:
  • On Monday, I went to the dentist and I'm cavity-free! That always makes me happy.
  • I have had a sinus infection since, oh, probably the beginning of the year, and on Tuesday I finally went to do the doctor about it. I can finally breathe through my nose! And I'm not waking up three times a night! I also got some allergy problems taken care of, which is undoubtedly helping. (It's a little uncomfortable being allergic to a cat and also living with a cat, you know?) I am feeling a thousand times better.
  • Yesterday, Mary and I went to a book signing for the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook. We were like the 680th people to get there (not a joke, we got numbers), so after hanging out for a few hours and realizing that only 170 people had made it through the line, we decided to leave with unsigned cookbooks. Even though we drove waaaay out of Denver and sat on the floor of a strange store for three hours, it was still a lot of fun to sit around and talk about how we both over-analyze everything.

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mary said...

I want to return of the cookbooks, but I can't drive that far again. I just can't! By the looks of that crowd, I could give it as a gift to just about anyone & they'd love it. Ha!