Sunday, April 01, 2012

What's making me happy this week XIII

I finally started running again, after taking a while off. One of the benefits of living with a cat (aka a little ball of allergens) is that I now suffer from asthma, which gets worse when I work out. Since I went to the doctor last week, I have an inhaler again, so I can finally run without fear of falling over dead.

Lest you (like most of the people in my life) want to stop me and say, "um, Loren? Maybe it's time to get rid of the cat?" Let me show you what she does every morning while she waits for me to finish getting ready so I can pet her:


Right? Wouldn't you spend a large portion of your life wheezing for that kind of love? No? What if I told you she doesn't even wait for Adam (her favorite) like that? Still no? Well, your heart is made of STONE.

I was also called "Aunt Loren" for the first time this week, and it was so cute. It made me really happy, or at least happier than I would have expected.


Also, let's talk about Draw Something, which is the best game ever. I'm not too good at it, but for some reason I just love it. This is just about the best thing I've drawn:

Draw Something

Of course, the beauty is that it doesn't have to be perfect, just guessable. Which is good for everyone who plays with me.

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mary said...

I can always guess your drawings right away - you're so good! Aunt Loren - that handwriting is too cute!!