Thursday, March 08, 2012

My easy, 10-step guide to wedding planning

1. Peruse wedding blogs constantly. Decide that an idea you came across is perfect for your wedding.

2. Google search this idea to see every possible way it has ever been integrated into any wedding ever. Bookmark at least five instances of this idea.

3. Tell your fiance about idea and convince him you're totally going to follow through on it, because this idea is DIFFERENT. It's the best idea you've had, seriously, you can't even believe you didn't think of it sooner. When he isn't convinced, show him the bookmarks as proof that you are SERIOUS because LOOK AT ALL THIS RESEARCH.

4. Take initial steps to make idea happen.

5. Wonder if anyone at your wedding will find idea stupid, boring, offensive, silly, or downright wrong, and start to have second thoughts about it.

6. Realize you don't actually have the skills and/or resources to pull off idea. Wonder why you even thought this was a good idea anyway, since it's going to look TERRIBLE and all your wedding guests are going to hate it.

7. Tell fiance you don't want to go ahead with this idea and convince him you're not being wishy-washy, like he said last time, just practical.

8. Vow to simplify! Your wedding doesn't need ideas like that one anyway!

9. Continue to peruse wedding blogs.

10. Repeat ad nauseum.

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