Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birthday cakes

Last year, I decided I wanted to bake a cake from scratch and conveniently, Adam's birthday was just around the corner. I whipped up a yummy chocolate cake:

Birthday Cake

Also conveniently, my birthday was six weeks later. I say it was convenient because Adam did not have time to forget how much he liked that cake I baked, and said he'd make one for me. I requested cupcakes, which turned out to also be quite yummy:

Birthday Cupcake

So anyway, this year May rolls around and it's birthday cake time again, and I have the delightful Baked cookbook, which I received for Christmas last year. And you guys, every single thing I have made so far has been mouth-wateringly good. Even the granola, which they say is "reasonably healthy" (although can you really trust a bakery when healthy is involved? I'm guessing no). So as an excuse to make one more recipe, I made Adam the Malted Milk Ball Cake:

Adam's birthday cake

That cake did not disappoint, and I'd been eyeing the lemon drop cake as well, so that was what Adam promised to make me this year. Just look at how well it turned out!

Birthday Cake

I think the nicest thing about this is that not only does Adam spend hours making me these birthday treats, he also has to do it six weeks later into the summer than I do, which means that the kitchen is that much hotter. Even with the window unit running full-blast, he still had to put the cake into the fridge every few minutes while he was frosting it to keep the icing from melting right off into a puddle, and the same thing happened last year with the cupcakes. Still, I can't see what I get next year!

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mary said...

Yummm!! What a good boyfriend!