Saturday, June 11, 2011

Proof that I'm absolutely ready to be done with school

I'm studying for my comprehensive exam today (it's on Friday), which is the big, final exam I have to sit for to graduate with my MLIS. I decided to work my way through my collection of notes from all of my classes, and it was pretty helpful until I got to a class I took last spring, when all I had written was about a page of notes (mostly "just look at the PowerPoint"), and then for the last class I had written this:

Dear Loren, Are you studying for comps? I am extremely sorry that these are the WORST NOTES EVER. Please refer to your memories of sitting through this class and forgive me.

You know, it was a rough class. It was from 7-9:30 pm on Thursday nights, and it was painfully, excruciatingly boring. If I had taken that class in my second year of graduate school, when I was itching to get to the end, I would have had even less than one page of notes. So I really wish I could go back in time and tell myself, "self? I totally forgive you. Those painful memories you refer to are still fresh in my mind."

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