Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Denver: Month Two

It seems like I have been here in Colorado for longer than two months. I have been feeling guilty for not getting a new drivers license yet, but 60 days, psh, I have plenty of time. I actually went to get it at the end of July, but they said my birth certificate wasn't notorized correctly. The very same birth certificate I'd used to get my passport. And verify my identity for the last two jobs I had and a replacement drivers license the last two times I lost it. And I think you get the point.

In fact, I have not done most of the things that would make my life here seem permanent. I still have my Ohio license plates, and I still belong to the Ohio AAA club. I haven't yet sent in my IRS change of address form. I also haven't unpacked my winter clothes or hung anything on the walls in my bedroom except a calendar.

I think my main reason for all of these things is that I haven't found a job yet. The last few weeks have been promising, and I was hired for a part-time job as a library clerk today (hooray!), so I am feeling more and more optimistic. But I think I am afraid to commit to this new life until it looks stable and comfortable.

Something I have done is find a new vet. My dog would not get out of bed at the end of last week, so in we went to the vet. I think they thought I was overreacting, because of course as soon as we got there she was chipper and interested in EVERYTHING. There was a dog there whose head was the size of Francie, and because the vast size of this dog distracted me I very nearly let its huge, wagging tail knock my dog across the waiting room. But never fear! I was able to get Francie out of the way and thus prevented any gigantic-tail-to-small-dog contact. The vet ended up giving her some antibiotics because I told him I thought she may have a bladder infection, and she seems to be doing better now so all is well.

I have also been working in the grocery section of a huge store, which at first was intimidating because if you'll remember, I couldn't find ketchup until I was in my twenties, but I have learned quickly enough where bread crumbs and rice milk are located. Of course, every store is different so this really does me no good anywhere but this one single store, but progress, right? And being around food all day makes me about 99.9% less hungry than usual. So there are a few perks. I also enjoy the people watching, which is not as good as it is while you're lifeguarding, but it obviously beats out a desk job.

The next month looks like it will be more busy than the last. I'm flying home for a wedding in a week, and then the next weekend we're heading to Red Rocks Amphitheather for Monolith Music Festival. I also start my new job (and keep your fingers crossed that it becomes jobS soon), and end my stint in the grocery. And maybe I will go ahead and hang things on my bedroom walls.

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