Sunday, February 03, 2008


Okay, I signed up for Thing-a-Day, which is a challenge to create something everyday in February, because I thought maybe I needed something to get me through the rest of the winter and prevent me from the work, eat, sleep routine. And then I realized that I am not crafty. I WISH I were crafty, but I am not; it is a sad truth that I do not like to face. And so for the next 26 days, I will be scraping together weird things while everyone else who signed up creates beautiful little things that the entire internet oohs and ahhs over. This is like that time in 8th grade when I got a B on an art project, and I was like, everyone else's clay animal looks way cooler than mine. Why did I pick a duck?

You can track my stuff here, where I'll write about everything, or over at Flickr where I'll be posting a photo for every entry.

Who knows, maybe I will discover that I possess an undiscovered talent for collage-making.

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