Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Things to know about my dog

  • Her name is Francie, short for Frances, because two of my favorite people are named Frances; Frances Nolan from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Frances Gumm, better known as Judy Garland. I basically have always known I would have a dog named Francie.
  • If I can't find her, she's either under the dining room table or in the bathroom.
  • She's in the bathroom because her favorite food is the shag rug.
  • She is the noisiest dog EVER. She growls, and barks, and fusses. I don't think she's crabby, but she just always...makes noise.
  • She is almost housebroken.
  • She sometimes sits when I tell her to. Next up? Shake, I think.
  • Our older dog? Only a fan sometimes.
  • Seriously, she loves this rug.

OMG this rug tastes so good.

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