Saturday, November 10, 2007

Currently enjoying:

10 mph: Driving from Ohio to Colorado with three guys I barely knew ended up being one of the most fun things I've ever done. This movie is the ultimate road trip. Two guys decided to ride a Segway across the country, from Seattle to Boston. It took them something like 100 days, the depletion of their retirement investments, and 478 battery changes, but it was such a great story. It's definitely one of my favorite documentaries (nothing is better than Spellbound).

Atlas Shrugged: I'm about halfway through this book, and I love it so far. A friend of mine is reading it right now, too, and we call each other a couple of times a week with something to say about the plot or Ayn Rand's philosophy.

Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker
: I am not a perfume person, but a month or so ago I thought I would like to be. I bought Covet on a whim (I thought the bottle was pretty) and I love it. It has stuck really well to the sweater I wear when I'm cold at work (which is pretty much ALWAYS), so even when I forget to put it on, it's still there. I may become a perfume person, afterall.

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