Monday, June 18, 2007

Things I recommend part deux

  • This yummy, summery sandwich. I'd eat it everyday if it didn't feel like the middle of January in my office's cafeteria.
  • Listening to the entire new White Stripes album here
  • These Will It Blend videos on YouTube. At first you think, "That's stupid." Then you watch some guy turn marbles into glass dust, and suddenly you've got to watch them all. We walk around saying, "don't breathe this" to each other.
  • Taking a look at the rest of the photos from my trip to San Francisco, which I finally posted on Flickr.
  • Signing up for Postcrossing, and then sending a postcard to someone in another country (and getting one in return). The USPS even makes it easy to figure out the cost.
  • Avoiding watching these iPhone commercials, because I was all "Psh, who needs an iPhone, I certainly don't" and then I watched about half a commercial and started drooling.
  • Speaking of Apple, I just downloaded Safari for Windows. Please stop using Internet Explorer and start using a better browser. Either will do.

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