Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's the smug Mac people's turn now

I suppose I should tell you all what happened to my Powerbook, which I thought was as good as gone a few weeks ago. I was upset, but more about the music and photos stored on its hard drive and less about the machine itself. Because it was secondhand, and because I assume it had a rough life before coming to belong to me, I figured this was just its way of saying, "I've been abused. I'm done with this." And I sort of understood that. Sort of.

My trip to the Apple Genius Bar, which is an hour away, did not leave me too impressed. Unlike my first encounter with a Genius, the guy I talked to last weekend was everything you'd expect from the stereotypical IT person: impatient, slightly condescending, all that good stuff. After telling me my computer was dead and that it would cost $150 and five days to recover the data from my hard drive, he rolled his eyes, took my computer into the back room, and got it working.

He said something like, blah blah RAM slot blah blah, send it in to have this replaced. I called on Saturday, sent my computer in Tuesday, and got it back...Friday. It went from Ohio to Texas and back in four days. FOUR.

Because of my warranty (which I didn't know I even had until this issue popped up, long story), it was all free. Which was awesome. And also? During its abused phase in life, someone had nicked the screen. And they replaced that. Also free.

So it turned out alright. And I found out that I have until August of next year to completely screw up my laptop.

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