Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Reason #54,237 I probably need my own apartment

There is a website that collects passive-agressive notes people have left stuck to the refrigerator or scrawled across whiteboards. It's become more popular in the last few weeks, and its fame has coincided with my own abuse of passive-agressive note-writing: We are currently in the midst of Bathroom Battle '07.

What started as a squabble over the toilet seat a year ago has escalated to an even bigger problem, which is that my sister seems to have confused our bathroom with her closet. Or, maybe it isn't that she's got them confused. It might be more like her closet and bedroom have overflowed and she has no place to keep her clothes and shoes other than the bathroom. I asked her to take something to her bedroom the other day and she said she couldn't, because "it would get lost if I put it in there." I see this as a problem. She doesn't.

So, to remind her how things work for normal people, people who use hangers in closets and who sleep in their beds (which they make on a regular basis) and who are not total slobs, I started labeling the bathroom with post-its that said NOT SPACE FOR DIRTY CLOTHES and NO SPACE IN HERE, EITHER. (That one was on the closet door, because apparently the shelves that hold washcloths and hand towels are also where we're keeping her bathing suits now.) I even left a friendly reminder stuck to the hallway wall that asked, DID YOU REMEMBER YOUR DIRTY CLOTHES?

I know it's mean, but I can't help it. I don't like having to scale a mountain of dirty gym clothes just to brush my teeth.

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