Saturday, March 31, 2007

Television, clearly, is the only good thing about being sick

You may be wondering where I've been since Tuesday.

The answer is, sprawled across my bed in pain watching the complete sixth season of Full House (it came out on Tuesday).

I have been sick since late Wednesday night, so the only thing for me to do has been to curl up in bed and watch tv. And I know I've written about it before? But I really do love this show. It's unbelievably corny, and sappy, and I'm not entirely sure I could've stood to act my way through it for eight seasons, but sometimes it makes me laugh out loud. It's not side-splitting or anything, it's just that kind of laughter you get when something is 55% happy, 40% nice, and 5% actual humor. Or it could just be that the joke they make is slightly funnier than I thought was possible. It's still a win-win situation.

I'm still feeling a little rough, but hopefully one more day of nothing but popsicles and gatorade will do the trick. Sadly, I finished Full House yesterday, but I'm excited to move on to something a little bit more grown up.

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