Wednesday, January 31, 2007

That cursed place

I bought some jeans and a dress from Old Navy's online store last week, and stupidly clicked Ship before checking to make sure they wouldn't be shipped to my old address. Which is why yesterday I had to go back to the house I was so thankful not to live in any more.

We thought we were so lucky to have found such a great place--a duplex with a three-person apartment that we'd be sharing with another friend. At the beginning of our Sophomore year, Christina and I signed a lease for the following Fall, and we were beyond excited about it. It's such a cute place! And the kitchen! And a garage! We are So! Lucky!

And we kept believing it, too, even after Christina moved in a semester early (which is a story in itself, honestly). And sure, it was awful when her computer died. And her cell phone. And then her car. And did I mention she and her then-boyfriend broke up? Because that happened that semester, too.

I moved in during finals week, to get ready for my summer of solitude. And I kid you not, the day I moved in is the day I broke my finger. It was a sign, but I certainly didn't get it.

Then, I proceded to come down with Mono. I chalked both of these things up to my not-so-stellar health record for the year (Shingles! I'm like an old person) and went on my way. But you know, some crazy stuff happened to me when I lived in that apartment. My computer died, and I had to get a new hard drive. My car? It broke down about three times. My blowdryer even stopped working. And I also ended a relationship with a boyfriend in that apartment. Let's not even discuss the depressed spring semester I had.

When we got back to town this fall, Christina and I would often marvel at how absolutely terrible things went when we lived in our old apartment. Not that we didn't have a good time, but do you see the examples of terrible-ness? The only explanation is that the house was out to get us.

So I was not thrilled to go back yesterday, not even a little bit*. I didn't turn off my car when I pulled into the driveway, because I was afraid it wouldn't turn back on. And I made sure I didn't step on any icy patches, because I wouldn't put it past that place to totally break my leg.

*Okay, maybe a little bit, because that dress? It is adorable.

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