Sunday, May 01, 2005

I typed almost all of this with my right hand

I have a very bad memory from my childhood where I was playing the "I-can-poke-you-faster-than-you-can-grab-my-hand" game with my older sister's boyfriend. Turned out, he could grab my hand faster and by "grab" I mean slam my left hand into the kitchen counter while bending my pinky finger all the way back. It turned purple. I couldn't bend it and had to have a splint.

I NEVER wanted to hurt any one of my fingers EVER again.

Today I was engaged in a harmless game of football. While catching the ball, I jammed the ring finger on my left hand*. I did play a lot more (we lost, sadly, but did put up a good fight) but my finger was swollen and hurting and unbendable. I watched a movie later this afternoon and when I looked down at my finger afterwards it was starting to turn a pale shade of purple and I was like, I don't really want to deal with this. I am putting ice on it now, and tomorrow I am going to go have it looked at. Even though I don't really want to. I found out when I was sick in the fall that I really don't like going to the doctor. What is up with me this year?

*I am glad it was this finger. I mean, think about the finger you use the least: it's gotta be the ring finger of your non-dominant hand. Besides typing, because we're talking w and s and those are important. Also, it's good for flaunting things like wedding bands or huge diamond engagement rings, which I am also a little short on right now. So really is it that important?

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