Thursday, November 23, 2006

They're with us in spirit. Or something.

My mom's cousin is getting married this weekend, so my parents and sister are in Florida right now for the wedding. I wanted to go (despite my hatred of Florida, I happen to think my mom's cousin is one of the most fun people I know), but I have to be on campus Monday so I can pass Public Speaking.

Because of this, today my brother and I are the only ones home. Everyone I talk to seems to feel that this is the worst thing that could ever happen to a person, and I have been invited to numerous Thanksgiving meals and given even more piteous looks. We don't think it's so bad; we're heading to my aunt and uncle's in about half an hour for the exact same dinner we would've had regardless of my parents' absence. Plus, today I got to be thankful by doing the following things:

1. Waking up in my parents' bed*

2. Making Paula Deen's Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

3. Watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

4. Taking a nap

5. Listening to my dad and sister sing into the phone, "It's Turkey Day today, gobble gobble gobble"

6. Writing this post

So, that's just about the best Thanksgiving ever, except I do wish I'd found some time to watch football, because I like it when they wear the old school uniforms.

*My bed at home is not my favorite bed. In fact, I'd say it's my least favorite bed I've ever slept in. So I try to avoid it when I can.

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