Friday, November 24, 2006

Pardon me for my penguin pessimism

So, yes, yesterday I missed the anniversary: three years of the blog. This is arguably the longest, most healthy relationship I've ever been in. And seriously, I just sat staring at my screen for a while trying to find something I could use to disprove that, and I couldn't. So...yes. Yes, that is quite sad.

It's not often that what I write here gets me into any trouble. Generally, for your reading pleasure, things are a little...exaggerated. For example, my burning hatred slight dislike of penguins is actually a simple disinterest that just looks like dislike, because I am apparently the only person in the world who does not care for these animals. Don't get me wrong! I'm all about the penguins. I like the cold, I'm down with the simple black-and-white look, and who needs to fly? I certainly can't fly. But on my list of favorites? Well, they aren't in the top ten or anything. And if you're going to make a movie about an animal, I'm not going to see it unless one of those top ten is starring.

I tell you this because last night at Thanksgiving dinner, my family (hi, family!) were shocked by my anti-penguin sentiments. In fact, I believe the original plan, concocted before I arrived, was to take me to see that movie. They even sent me home with a copy of the penguin documentary, which I sincerely plan to watch, just so I can make sure that I really don't have an opinion about penguins.

So please forgive me for taking out on a helpless species what I really should have blamed on the real culprit: pop culture. Because let's be honest, since I never really cared for (but NEVER hated) penguins in the first place, I simply can't understand society's new obsession with them. And really, it's much more fun to have an opinion about something than to just be indifferent. Right?

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