Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Free Write

I was just settling into this Autumn weather when suddenly it was HOT yesterday and I'm not really enjoying the return of warmth especially because with it came humidity.

Yes. She returns to write about the weather.

I had actually planned on posting about the love affair I'm having with television right now, but I finished writing and I was embarrassed. First, because wow, that's a lot of tv and second
because wow, I care an awful lot about things that have no consequence whatsoever.

I have a strong urge to recount that post right here, but I want you to note the self restraint I am exhibiting right now.

Instead I will tell you that I saw Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in concert on Sunday, and it was lots of fun, and I am now inspired to dye my hair dark brown, pierce my nose, and start shopping at thrift stores so I can be all indie-cute too. Plus, if I stop spending money on showering and expensive clothes, I'll have enough money to pay for the damage I'm doing to my ears at all these concerts I've got tickets to this fall. I'm nothing if not resourceful.

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