Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Blogger just added a "labels" feature, which allows me to categorize my posts. I love this feature. I love it so much, in fact, that after finding out it existed I spent about two hours today going back and categorizing my old posts.

Did you know there are about 480 entries on this website? Because that is a lot of categorizing. And it's still not finished.

I tried starting at the beginning, but I was all, I'm NEVER going to make it back to that post about nothing I just wrote, so I came back to the most recent stuff. Then I got bored and hopped to the middle. So if you are at all interested in seeing every post about Loudonville, or every list I ever made, you are in luck, my friend.

While I skimmed each entry, I noticed a few recurring topics that I'm afraid I didn't categorize. But if I had, they would have probably been something like this:
  • Weather
  • Explanations of Why I am the Way I am
  • I'm Not Feeling Well
  • Boring Details About What I've Been Doing
  • Cryptic Stuff You Shouldn't Bother Reading
Mindless organization skills are one of my strengths, so this should be fun for me.

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