Friday, June 09, 2006

You say wishful thinking, I say faith in medicine

We have a running joke at the pool about how badly we all treat our skin. Almost everyday someone leaves with a sunburn, and we're all vainly proud of the deep tans we get by the end of the summer. This, everyone warns us, will lead to cancer.

Which, really, is probably true. And for a long time we were sure we were doomed to this fate--so sure, in fact, that we religiously wore Lance Armstrong wristbands because we knew the money we donated now would probably help treat our ruined skin later.

But a few weeks ago during a conversation we were having as we baked in the sun, we decided that in twenty years, we're confident that there will be a cure for cancer. I mentioned it in passing to a friend later that day, and he scoffed at me. But I have faith in those researchers. And look, here is something to be excited about: a cervical cancer vaccine.

If you'll excuse me I need to go to work on my tan.

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