Monday, June 12, 2006

Charming anecdotes just for you from the Loudonville Pool

1. Every few years there are places along the edge of the pool that have to be patched, i.e. torn up and filled in with new cement. Generally these spots are in such bad shape that you can pull out the old pieces with your hands and do only a little bit of work to get the rest out. Last month, for example, one of the first things I did before we opened the pool was help fix a square-foot piece of cement. I'd never done it before, but it appealed to what I think was my crafty side (look! a little project I made!). Then a few days ago, we decided to fix another spot. Unlike the first time, this took several hours, because we decided to replace a lot that didn't need replacing. I'm not going to go into details, but let's just say that in the end, our senile maintenance man told us that we needed to start enforcing the shower-before-entering rule because a lot of kids were dragging rocks into the pool.

2. Scott recently gave himself a black eye doing a gainer. Whenever I heard someone ask him how he got it, I'd wait for him to finish recounting the dive and then I'd say, "and that's why we don't let people do gainers!" I found this a) endlessly funny and b) a good lesson for lifeguards who don't enforce the rules.

3. Last week we had someone come teach us about balancing water pH, alkalinity, chlorine, hardness, etc. We haven't quite gotten the pool to behave for us yet, but I think we secretly like being able to fuss over the problems, then fix them and feel like we really know what we're doing. (But hey--maybe we do.)

4. I taught a little girl how to dive the other day. Now, she is my biggest fan. This job, sometimes it is just SUCH a confidence booster. I HAVE FANS!

5. And here is a pretty picture I took from the pool deck after we closed the other night:

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