Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Flashback: May 2005

Whenever one of my friends gets a sore throat, they sort of do this thing where I can tell they think I gave them mono. It's not something they come right out and say, but I can see it in their eyes. So then the exchange goes something like this:

"Oh my throat hurts so bad."

"Is it the worst sore throat you've ever had in your entire life?"


"I mean like the WORST."


"Well sorry you drank out of my glass last week."

However none of them have had mono and I can always kind of tell that they do not have the WORST sore throat they have ever had in their entire life because I HAVE FELT THAT PAIN, AND YOU CANNOT EVEN SAY YES WHEN YOU ARE IN THAT PAIN.

I think I scare the people closest to me who are most likely to contract a disease from me (not that I have any other than mono, actually) because I tell them I wouldn't wish what I was feeling on my worst enemy. Christina has been sick the past few days and I keep telling her little horror stories, like how my neck was so swollen my ears hurt and how it hurt so badly to swallow that if I wanted to swallow my spit I had to drink ice water and it still made my eyes water anyway. Or how I was taking like 15 pills a day. And sleeping about 15 hours.

So anyway the moral of this story is, don't get mono.

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