Friday, October 07, 2005

But it isn't really Heaven, which makes it even BETTER

I haven't been home for three months and when I got home last night I was so excited to be here that I almost CRIED, partly because I was excited to just be home and partly because I finally get to go to the Loudonville Fair (although that is a story for another time). But anyway here are all the reasons why I thought maybe I had gone to Heaven last night:
  1. Central! Air! Is! Amazing! Even in October. Humidity=evil.
  2. There's a disposal in the sink.
  3. There's a dishwasher that is NOT my hands.
  4. There are pets here, pets that are mine and that like to be cuddled by me.
  5. All the stuff I forgot is here.
  6. Although I do have this at school, there is wireless internet.
  7. There's, like, food. All we have in our apartment are fla-vor-ices, tortillas, some cookie dough and a bottle of tequila.
  8. This is a given, but I haven't seen my family in a while so that was pretty exciting.
  9. Sex and the City, Fat Actress, and The Comeback ON DEMAND. My life is complete.
  10. Do you remember the Got Milk? commercial where the guy thinks he's in Heaven because of the huge cookies everywhere, but then he goes to the fridge to get some milk and all the cartons are empty, and he suddenly realizes he's in Hell? Okay so minus the no milk part (There are 2 whole gallons! Skim AND 1%!), that's what it's like here because there are Hershey Kisses all over the place. Huge bowls of them. I'm not even kidding.
  11. We have mirrors on perpendicular walls in the bathroom that I can use to see the back of my hair while I'm blowdrying it. And that mirror is telling me what I've been missing for the past three months, which is, it's time for a haircut, Loren.
I've never enjoyed being home this much.

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