Wednesday, August 24, 2005


How, after finally enrolling in a class that is not only absolutely related to something I have done before (tree identification. Who wouldn't be excited to go back to BioII? ....anyone? ...anyone? well that's understandable.) but which also assigns a novel to read, I find myself faced with the following factors:

1) The novel is an Oprah book. Written by Barbara Kingsolver. I don't have a long list of favorite authors, but I certainly have a long one of those I don't and guess what! She's near the top. (Right behind DAN BROWN, bitches! That's right, I can't stand him! But, I digress.)

2) The TA for the class is the same TA I had last semester for Botany 131. I did not enjoy his TA'ing skills. I will refrain from any further complaints about him, and will not say anything about his English skills as he is from China.

It's so refreshing to have so much to write about now that classes are back in session...

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