Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"I can make it on my own"

A couple of weeks ago my dad asked me who opened my jars for me when I was at my house down here, and I said, "I do." He asked what happens when I can't get them open and I said that that doesn't happen. That was because I hadn't opened a jar yet, and then I opened jelly and pasta sauce jars and was feeling all smug. But I believe Rachel opened the pickle jar when she came to visit. So I guess the real answer to my dad's question was, I invite my friends over and they do it for me.

So as you can see I am definitely GIRLY. I like to pretend I'm not but I am. Here is my confession. I will play video games with you, I will watch movies like Die Hard where there's lots of blood and destruction and the like, and I will join in when you make fun of too much mushy romance. But I love being a girl, I love feeling pretty, I like the color pink and I don't really enjoy being dirty.

However, I do like to be self-sufficient, which is why I don't buy things in jars. Another thing I like is having a clean windshield and a safe-to-drive car. So when I was getting ready to go home for the weekend, I realized I needed to buy some windshield wiper fluid and put air in my car tires.

The tire filling was not so bad. The windshield wiper fluid, which I had assumed would be very pain-free, was not. Why? Because I could not get the hood of my car to open. I mean, I finally did, but it would NOT open no matter how hard I tried. I finally got it to budge and then successfully dumped about half of that precious, window-cleaning solution onto my car battery. Is that bad? I don't really know.

I know what you're thinking, let's come to the conclusion so we can get this post over with, and that conclusion is, I can take care of myself unless I have to open things, at which point it is likely that I will die either of starvation or frustration.

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