Thursday, June 30, 2005

Lightning everywhere, but only crazies think it's bringing aliens anywhere but the movie screen

We saw War of the Worlds tonight, which was alright given the subject matter. Plus Tom Cruise is a real-life crazy person. He doesn't play one, but Tim Robbins does, and at one point in the movie I had to stop and ask myself if I could think of a more crazy pair of people to put onscreen together. And I couldn't. But, I digress.

We came out of the theater and into a huge storm. (This, THIS is why I carry a huge purse complete with sunglasses and umbrella. I'm no boy scout, but I try to be prepared.) So now I am home and it is still storming; I am watching the storm from my living room. But I kind of feel like I'm still watching the movie. (What? There's still too much lightning! Get back to the basement, Tim Robbins! Keep your Peach Schnapps and your shotgun to yourself! can share the schnapps.)

Ok, so I am going overboard. I'm certainly not expecting aliens to come blow up my house or anything but it is a weird feeling to spend 2 hours being afraid for the people in the movie every single time there's lightning, and then there is actually real lightning. It's mostly eerie, like I'm still waiting for something to happen like I did earlier during the movie. Like when I watched Dawn of the Dead, and then went Uptown and saw mobs of (drunken) people swarming around, I was still in the "watch out for mobs, you stupid main characters" mode, so I was getting a creepy vibe as we went down the street and feeling the anxiety of something that wasn't going to happen.

So, I'm thinking this is a side-effect of investing myself so much into a movie when I watch it, which is probably not such a bad thing as far as movie enjoyment goes. But you don't have to worry. I'm certainly not camping out in the storm cellar anytime soon.

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