Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I finished this post and realized it sounds sort of like a knockoff, but that's just a coincidence and I actually don't really like Florida.

What I watched last night while I did my knitting:
AFI's Top 100 Movie Quotes

Hey, look, more proof that Kansas is the worst state ever (followed closely by Indiana and Florida).
First U.S. West Nile case of 2005 in Kansas

I was pretty impressed by this website Loudonville put together. It made me a little homesick. Just a little, though.

There is a town in Washington state called (I can't even believe this) GEORGE. Don't believe me? Look. It's on MapQuest.

I've been watching a lot of tv at night before I go to bed, and Kept is the most guilty of all pleasures I get from watching. It's like a train wreck. I just can't stop.

And to even out the tv smut, here's the list of books I'm going to try (again) to read. I've got 11 done so far, but that's taken almost 21 years so I'm not holding my breath and you shouldn't either.

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