Sunday, June 26, 2005

I use the word "really" a lot in this post, but it's my birthday so I'm not apologizing.

(First I should apologize to anyone who has had to listen to me go on and on about the birthday celebrating because I'm sure they are SICK of it. But I am just overly excited.)

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20! Whole! Years! ago, I was celebrating my first birthday, which means that today is my 21st, which is exciting because now I can go uptown without being totally dorky and saying "oh, I'll just have a soda, thanks, and could you make sure the x's on my hands are extra permanent?" (Well I don't actually say quite that same thing but it's definitely what I feel like I'm saying as I hand them my NOT 21 UNTIL 6/27/2005 labelled driver's license.)

I have definitely been celebrating for like, the past WEEK by letting myself buy things like books and a smoothie maker (everyone who lives in his/her own house needs a smoothie maker!) with the excuse "it's my birthday present to myself." It will probably continue for the next week, but you only have a birthday once a year. I like to enjoy it.

For example, Rachel and Sarah came down yesterday and we had lots of fun just hanging out. I miss you girls! They are the best best friends I could've asked to grow up with. Oh, and I know you aren't judging me, really. No, really, I know. Because you aren't. Right?

After Rach and Sarah left today, a bunch of us went to Applebee's for dinner. I thought it was a totally innocent dinner but then I realized that Applebee's is one of those places where they sing to you, and I begged everyone not to say anything but ha ha, NO, that's not happening. And then the server! It went like this:

Mike: hey, [pointing at me] it's her birthday.
her: Oh, it's your birthday?
me: [as I mentally strangle Mike] Yeah, but you don't have to sing to me.
her: If you put up with the embarrassment, you know, we give you a free sundae.
me: No, really, it's okay.
her: Well, I can just bring you a sundae without the singing, do you like strawberry or chocolate?
me: um, well, I guess strawberry then. But really, you don't have to sing.
her: Alright, I'll be right back with your sundae.

Yeah, she'll be right back with the stupid sundae AND ALSO about ten of her little Applebee's cronies to sing. And you just know they hate working there when people have birthdays. I know I'd hate it. They were totally not into singing, but can you blame them? They sang about 20 times in the first half hour we were there. And although everyone swore they didn't say anything to the server, I froze everytime I heard the clapping start. Little did I know they'd just tell her RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

So, that was my last day of being 20, and I hope my first day of being 21 is just as...entertaining.

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