Wednesday, December 08, 2004

why cassie and i probably won't be carpenters

So. Cassie's mom brought down their old futon a couple of weeks ago, but forgot some parts so we couldn't put it together until now. We were going to enlist the help of some friends, but then decided we could handle it ourselves. We did. But not without some interesting moments.

First, we didn't have the right size dowel rods, so we used scissors, a pocket knife, and an exacto knife to whittle down the ones that were too long. After about forty minutes, we were left with dull blades, sore fingers, and two perfectly-sized pieces of wood.

Then we got everything put together with the dowel rods and were left with some long screws and little metal things. We also had a screwdriver kit but couldn't get the bit to stay in the handle. We just went without it and after about ten minutes figured out how everything went together. We were left with a sturdy (?) futon, that you are more than welcome to come stay on if you'd like.

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