Friday, December 10, 2004

Maybe #11 Should Have Been, "Be your friend if you don't like this song."

Geeze...I caught more hell for that "10 Things" post than anything else I've ever written. 7 comments, a mention in Nate's blog...I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to offend, I was just looking for material.

On the other hand, I did enjoy all of the commenting, it made me feel good.

Now I have a little bone to pick with some of you: If you do not know Paradise by the Dashboard Light, go listen to it. (Because I'm not posting the lyrics.) NOW. This is cultural literacy, people!

Liking this song is not the product of growing up in Loudonville. Sure, they played it every year at prom (along with Dixieland Delight...holy crap, I can't believe I just admitted that), but they play it every year at formal here and not only do they not play Dixieland Delight but everyone also knows the words. So that's my defense. And the next time I ride in the car with you I want to be able to sing all the words with you. I'll even let you do the girl part if you want.

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