Friday, April 30, 2004

Oh good. I wrote another thoughtful blog.

Last night, a friend had a revelation which led to my own revelation:
Everything in life happens for a reason. If not everything, then most things. I really, truly believe that. I believe that really wonderful things can come from the things in life that were unlucky, bad, or painful. This is why:
Well, I know it's cliche and very, very overused but you do learn a lot when you go off on your own and this is something that I've learned through leaving the people I grew up with and becoming a part of the lives of the people here. I've learned it from the sequence of events in my own life, even though I wasn't paying attention. But looking back, I see how everything in life has managed to give me something to put to use.
I don't really want to use any examples from my life or from the lives of people I know, because I don't want to be melodramatic and I don't feel comfortable posting stuff that's too personal on here. But I think that some good examples are the movies Pulp Fiction and Love Actually. Anyone's own individual story can affect anyone else's, whether they know it or not. And I think that even though every story doesn't have a "happy" ending, people ultimately get what they want. Because maybe you don't end up with the person you always thought you would, maybe you don't end up at your dream school, maybe you have to let something go in order to deal with the bigger things in your life.
But maybe having those experiences makes you smarter, stronger, wiser. And, better yet, maybe they led to something much better than you ever could have had with what you wanted or thought you wanted or had in the first place.
Sometimes, you just have to be patient and the good will show itself eventually. When things are bad they can only get better and they always do. Something else I have learned, is that if you think it's bad, concentrate on getting through right now, and worry about later when it gets here. (This does not work for exams, but it works for most other things.) It's about the greater good, I think. And not being selfish.
So anyway, I don't think I have everything figured out yet. I'm sure I don't. But I do know that you need patience, and faith: faith that God is up there making sure things are going well, faith that eventually he'll get around to giving you what you want an need. So, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be bitter about the way things go, or whine about it or anything. I'm just going to make it work, and count it all joy--I think that''s what my grandma would say. Like the hot Brazilian guy says in Love Actually, "Life is full of interruptions and complications." It is, but then you make life work around it. And everything turns out right.

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