Monday, May 03, 2004

It's not insomnia this time

I walked into my dorm building feeling a sort of guilty pleasure tonight, although it is probably more aptly described as this morning. Instead of staying in like I'm sure I was supposed to and studying (hence the 24-hour quiet hours that began on Friday), I just finished my last paper-writing marathon at Peabody: sitting in a random hallway, drinking bottled water and snacking on whatever random junk food is available, passing paper packets and a laptop computer back and forth, tossing around ideas and checking for the proper tense (tonight, present was the tense of choice. Never again!). The best papers I've ever had a hand in creating are, unfortunately, never my own: I'm simply there to correct grammar and aid in organization. Oh well. It's still fun, and it strikes me now that I won't be do that for the next few months.
Yes, I am sad to be leaving. Somehow, it doesn't seem so strange to stay up until 3 am here at school. I can listen outside my window, or even look on occasion, and find that there are others awake as well. It's not strange to meet up at 12 and start hanging out then. I'm sure I won't miss those papers, but I will miss the socializing, and living down the hall from friends rather than down the street, across the state, or across the country.
Anyway...I am going to go to bed. Not because I am tired, but because I have to meet a friend for lunch tomorrow, finish preparing for a final, stop making typing sounds that could wake up my roommate, and because I am probably boring you all with these non-interesting, serious, and reflective blogs. So I'm cutting this one short, because I think there could possibly be another this week. Good night.

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