Thursday, April 29, 2004

Sea Monkeys: A Science Lesson

I was sitting in my bmz lab taking my final the other day. As I waited for the TA to give the next question, I was distracted by the aquarium near the window. It was full of what I am assuming were fairy shrimp, which are basically the same thing as brine shrimp, which are commonly known as Sea Monkeys.
this is what a fairy shrimp looks like.

this what a brine shrimp looks like.

this is what you're supposed to think a sea monkey looks like.

As I watched a little fairy shrimp eat some algae I decided that I wanted some sea monkeys as a pet. What could be better for my dorm room? I told my dad what I wanted for my birthday:

and he said this:
me: i want some sea monkeys for my birthday
dad: do you know what they really are?
me: yes
me: brine shrimp. we learned about them in zoology last year are naive sometimes...

thanks dad. this post is for you.

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