Thursday, April 29, 2004

a vital part of the college student's morning

I'm going to write this hoping that my internet stays working long enough for it to post. Yesterday afternoon, after Cassie and I went and bought Love Actually on DVD (how exciting!), we came back to have our computers not working right. I could talk on AIM, but I couldn't get to any internet website except the Miami ones. So we kind of forgot about it. Then this morning, when I woke up, it wasn't working again. Okay, you're thinking, what's the big deal? Well, it isn't that big of a deal, except for we really kind of depend on the internet here. For instance, I needed to check my e-mail to see what I was going to need for my lifeguarding class this morning. (By the way, I am now a recertified lifeguard. Passed my test with flying colors.) I also needed to know what the weather was going to be like. Every single day, I check to see what it's like outside. Since I had no this morning, I was seriously distressed. What was I going to wear to the class I had to leave for in five minutes? I assumed it was nice out (I was right) and went to class. On my way out the door, I overheard two guys having this conversation:

"I didn't know if I'd be able to wear shorts today."
"Yeah, I know. All I wanted to do was check the weather."
"Yeah! I was so mad."

I had to smile to myself. I thought I was the only one who had been worried about it.

Anyway, I am going to hurry up and publish this before I head to my last English and Music classes for the semseter. I'll be home a week from tomorrow!

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