Thursday, March 11, 2004

Well. Green Beer Day just ended. It was so much fun to see Miami plastered (no pun intended) all over the news, have every single MU buddy on AOL have the same away message, and also see about 90% of the student body wearing some sort of GBD apparell. How did I spend Miami's greenest day of the year, you ask?

I'll give you two possibilities:
I either:

a) went to Candlewood and got smashed on green beer and green jello shots, loving Miami for its creative holidays and also my upper-classmen friends. Then about five hours later, I walked back to my dorm all the way across town because Christina didn't want to wait for the bus. When I got back, I wrote this blog.


2) went to all of my classes like the responsible person I am, completely ignoring the day's festivities and sort of feeling like a loser. Then I watched The Apprentice, did some reading, and wrote this blog.

Oh, college...

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