Saturday, March 13, 2004

So, I'm finally home for Spring Break. Yesterday was fun--packing, going to my BMZ lecture with about 25% of the class, and then hunting down an RA to check out. Yeah. So then I picked up Christina and we went to Skipper's with some other people and then to the hockey game, which we won. Christina got to ride on the Zamboni, and that was exciting. Then we headed for Joe's house to spend the night. Well, we had some confusion on which road was which, but luckily Christina has good navigational skills. We got there and looked at some really great scrapbooks for Joe made by his awesome mom, and then we went to sleep for about four hours. We got up, drove to the airport, and...Christina missed her flight. It sucked, but I guess she's now in Georgia, so it's okay. I made it home at 7:30--bright and early! I had breakfast with my sister, visited Kurt's house, and then left for Canton for my high school's Div. III boys basketball Division Championship game. They won that too, and I was excited for them. Hopefully they make it to state this year.

So now I'm getting ready to go out with my two favorite Loudonville boys, Scott and Kurtis. Who knows what we're going to end up doing...

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