Tuesday, December 02, 2003

So, I'm still awake and I have decided that the 4 hours of studying I put in tonight, plus the 3 I will get in tomorrow, plus all the work I've done before this week...equals seven hours of studying for the Chemistry test tomorrow. Hmm. Not so good. But the entire last chapter is over the Ideal Gas Law, which I know pretty well (thank you Mr. Weber) so I'm feeling not so suicidal over this one. Wish me luck. I also have this creative writing paper due in two weeks, which isn't so bad except for I HAVE NO PLOT. I don't even think I have a main character yet. I just keep sitting, waiting for inspiration to come and it doesn't. Or it does and I get about a paragraph into what I'm writing and then it's gone. I'll come up with something, right? So, with all this in mind, I'm definitely looking forward to break. Visiting Monica at the "Devil Store" and telling her I heard a weird noise, driving my car and not having to park it a mile away, having a house and a dog, and then there's Christmas, which is definitely worth being home for. I guess I'm not allowed to make a gingerbread house this year, but anyone who's interested in taking one after I've built it is more than welcome to have it, because I have a hard time getting rid of them after the holiday season has ended, and my Mom might just smash anything I make if it's in my house after Dec. 25.
Alright...that's enough for me...I think I might just go bring up my grade one or two points and study molecular geometry...I can't wait.

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