Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Oh, let's see...nothing like avoiding studying for a chemistry exam by writing a blog, right? Well, I just got back from Thanksgiving Break on Sunday night and it was a lot of fun. First, there was a 14 hour bus ride to New York City, all the way at the front of the bus. Christina and I finally got the chance to ride the tuba bus and show them what rule 7 is all about on Wednesday night. I think (like she said) we definitely had more fun on that one 15 minute ride than we did in all 30 hours or more we spent on our own bus. Then there was the parade, which was really cool. I was thinking, how many people do you think have just gotten to stand in the middle of the road at Times Square? Not many, other than the millions of people who have participated in the Macy's Parade but if you look at it in a world view then not so many. And I happen to be one of the not so many, which I think is fun. You can also see me in the parade, right before we perform, when we are marching in--right before we put our horns up. It is very cool. I am impressed with us. We all even managed to hold up our horns while Santa stood there and waved through the whole credits, which is amazing. Let's see...I had a fun ride in a taxi on Thursday night. I had a really hard time understanding the driver's accent and I feel bad about that. I guess it made it that much more interesting for me and Chad, or maybe just me because I did all the talking. We also had some cheesecake that night (it's so much better in New York City) and I bought a (fake) Prada purse for 5 bucks less than the guy on the street originally wanted to sell it for, so I was impressed with myself. On Friday we got rained out of going up the Empire State Building so Justin, Chad, Tyler and I spent the day wandering around the city shopping. I bought some Tulips. I couldn't help myself, even though I knew they would get crushed and/or water-deprived on the trip...which they didn't really, but then I succeeded in leaving them in Loudonville. Oh well. At least they can enjoy them there. So, that's my New York story. It was a great time.

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